"We'd better start savin'up for the things that money cant't buy"  - Bruce Springsteen



After a great 15-day stay in S. Diego, to top it all ... the Big Apple !



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Nicoletta Galante 2002  

The Statue of Liberty

Liberty island, with Manhattan on the background





The sight is wonderful, but it is impossible not to notice 
the empty space where 
the Twin Towers 
used to be.

"The Sphere", 
a steel and bronze sculpture by 
Fritz Koenig, used to stand in the 
central square of the World 
Trade Center, a symbol of Peace. 
On September 11th it was damaged, 
but it survived and it is now in Battery 
Park, a monument to the victims 
of the Twin Towers

Alice is discovering 
the Art of the South Pacific 
at the Metropolitan Museum

In the background:
Bis Pole - Asmat people
Irian Jaya

Sara and Valentina in front of beautiful bronzes from Benin (Nigeria). The art of Benin developed for a period of about five centuries. These bronze plates (16th- 17th centuries) were used to decorate the Oba Palace, and most of them were taken by the British when they left the country.

Another beautiful item of African Art  
in the Metropolitan Museum.

Claudia and an African mask

Mysterious golden masks from Peru 

The Egyptian temple of Dendur 
(built by Augustus in 15 B.C.)

Yesterday's and ... 
today's lionesses

From the dim and distant past ... 
a winged Lion (Ashurnasirpal II's North-West Palace -
  - 883-859 B.C.- Nimrud)

Luigia and Oriental Art:
 Buddha Maitreya - Northern Wey Dynasty (386-534) - Shanxi - China

Claudia and 
Van Gogh!

A Sunday afternoon on 
the island of Grande Jatte, Paris, 
painted by 
Georges Seurat (1859-1891) 

Giulia and 
Paul Gauguin

Tough guys in Union Square ... 

NYPD: NY's policemen are friendly!

In front of NY Stock Exchange, 
Wall Street

New York's Seaport

Last day of the adventure: 
all together in front of Brooklyn Bridge


Foto di Nicoletta Galante 2002  


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