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"We'd better start savin'up for the things that money cant't buy"  - Bruce Springsteen

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Another winter escape, leaving the rainy Europe...


Photos   Nicoletta Galante 2015

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Miami Beach FL on a cloudy day :-(

Welcome to Everglades National Park FL

Black Vulture @ Everglades NP

Wood Stork @ Everglades NP

Alligators @ Everglades NP

See you later... alligator

Anihinga @ Everglades NP

It's not so easy to eat a catfish...

Great Blue Heron @ Everglades NP


Tri-colored Heron @ Everglades NP

Alligator @ Everglades NP

I know what you are thinking...

Say "cheese"...

Baby Alligator @ Everglades NP

View of the Everglades

Self portrait in Palm Beach

Somewhere in the Florida Keys

 A Pelican @ Florida Keys...

... many pelicans @ Florida Keys

 Egret @ Florida Keys...

End of route # 1 @ Key West

Key West

Key West

Key West

Hard Rock Cafe @ Key West

Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys

Bahia Honda SP in the Florida Keys

Fun @ Bahia Honda SP

Iguana @ Florida Keys


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