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"We'd better start savin'up for the things that money cant't buy"  - Bruce Springsteen

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6,400 miles from San Francisco to Boston.
Times have changed since Lewis and Clark, but the beauty of this great country has not

Photos   Nicoletta Galante 2013

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Flying over the North Cascades,
just before landing in San Francisco



Mt Shasta

Crater Lake NP (Oregon)

Sleepy Astoria (Oregon)

Columbia River, Astoria

Historic Astoria

Don't say you didn't know...

Cape Disappointment (Washington)

Not bad, is it?

Parking @ Port Angeles (WA)

Lilies at Olympic National Park, Washington


A shy deer
Olympic National Park

The wild Pacific at Cape Alaxa,
Olympic National Park

Cape Alaxa on the Pacific Ocean
(Olympic NP)

Mighty Mount Rainier (Washington)

One of Mt. Rainier's glaciers


Reflection Lake (Mt. Rainier NP)

Avalanche Lilies

Paradise Trail @ Mt. Rainier NP

Paradise Trail @ Mt. Rainier NP

Paradise Trail @ Mt. Rainier NP

Paradise Trail @ Mt. Rainier NP

Beargrass Flowers


Strange encounters at Ellensburg


Glacier National Park (Montana)

Avalanche Lake @ Glacier NP

Mountain Goat @ Glacier NP

Marmot @ Glacier NP

On the Continental Divide - the rain falling on the left will end up in the Pacific Ocean, the one falling on the right in the Atlantic

White-tailed deer @ Glacier NP


Ground Squirrel @ Glacier NP

Iceberg Lake @ Glacier NP

Iceberg Lake @ Glacier NP

Lower Medicine Lake @ Glacier N.P.

Montana's farmland

Montana Railway

Montana Interstate

Windmills blades

Welcome to North Dakota

Buffalo @ Theodore Roosevelt NP (N. Dakota)

Don't get too close...

Prairie Dogs @ Theodore Roosevelt NP

Modern Art @ Minneapolis (Minnesota)

The Mississippi River @ Minneapolis (Minnesota)

Encounters @ Minneapolis

Strange habits...

... and this is the result ;-))

Calatrava's Art Museum @ Milwaukee

Wedding in Milwaukee

The bride with her maids

Calatrava's Art Museum @ Milwaukee

Pilgrimage at the
 Harley Davidson museum

The very first one, 1903
(but where are the brakes?)

A glorious 1934 model

Chicago (Illinois)

Dancing in the water

A spaceship or a giant bean?

It's great for selfies, though

Street art in Chicago, by
Picasso's sculpture

Chicago Art Institute
Renoir: Two Sisters (1881)

Chicago-Art Institute
Grant Wood: American Gothic (1930)

Street art in Chicago, by Chagall

Indiana Dunes State Park
on lake Michigan.
In the background, Chicago's skyline

Dayton (Ohio) - USAF Museum
This Boeing B-29 dropped
the nuclear bomb on Nagasaki (WW2)

Dayton (OH) - USAF Museum
Italian Macchi MC 200 Saetta (WW2)

Dayton (Ohio) - USAF Museum
Consolidated B 24 Liberator (WW2)

Dayton (OH) - USAF Museum
Curtiss P 40E Warhawk (WW2)

Washington, DC - Lincoln Memorial

Washington, DC - Korean War Memorial

Washington, DC - Vietnam Memorial

Washington, DC - Jefferson Memorial

Washington, DC
Words of Wisdom @ Roosevelt Memorial


Washington, DC
The Capitol

Washington, DC - National Gallery of Art

Washington, DC - National Gallery of Art
Vermeer: A Lady Writing (1665)

Washington, DC - National Gallery of Art
Raffaello: Madonna di Alba (1510)

Washington, DC - Freer Gallery
Silver Plate - Iran, Sasanian Period
4th Century

Washington, DC - Freer Gallery
Copper Plaque - Benin 16th century

Lunch in Chinatown

Washington, DC - The National Cathedral

T. Rex at the Smithsonian
 Institute of Washington

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Farming in Amish Country, Pennsylvania

Finally, the Atlantic at Cape Cod

Last leg: Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Last night in Boston

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