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Suspension Hook 
Iatmul Peoples 
Papua New Guinea
19-20th Century



di Nicoletta Galante


Un piovoso giorno di primavera, una macchina digitale... impressioni al  Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) di Boston e al Arthur M. Sackler Museum di Cambridge, MA - USA. 
Due musei da non perdere, soprattutto per poterne ammirare le notevoli collezioni di arte orientale.


A rainy day, a digital camera ... and a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and to Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Cambridge, MA - USA


foto di Nicoletta Galante 2005 


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Amida, Buddha of Infinite Light
Japan - Heian Period - 12th Century

Dainichi, Buddha of Infinite Illumination
Japan - Heian Period - 12th Century
( MFA)

Buddhist Shrine
China - Tang Dynasty - 10 may 704
( MFA)

Wall Panel from a tomb
 China - Tang Dynasty - Early 8th Century AD
( MFA)

Hawk on a Perch
Japan - Edo period - Early 19th Century

Lion from Babylon
Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar II
604-561 BC
( MFA)





Lion and Bull Fighting
Persepolis - Iran 
Kingdom of Artaxerses III
358-338 BC
( MFA)

Panel from Nortwest Palace of Calakh
Nimrud - Iraq 
Kingdom of Assurnasirpal II - 883-859 BC
( MFA)

Face from  a Mummiform Coffin
Egypt - 3rd Intermediate Period - 
21th/25th Dynasty - 1070 - 656 BC
( MFA)

Mummy Mask - Egypt 
Early Roman Period - 1st Century AD
( MFA)

Claude Monet 
"La Japonaise" - 1876
( MFA)

Vincent Van Gogh
"La Berceuse" - 1889
( MFA)

Claude Monet 
"Poppy Field in a Hollow near Giverny"- 1885
( MFA)

Claude Monet 
"Venice - Grand Canal" - 1908
( MFA)

Paul Gauguin 
"Where Do We Come From, Where Are We Going, What Are We?"       1897-98 
( MFA)

Seated Buddha Sakyamuni
China - T'ang Dynasty - 8th. Century 

Portrait of a Lady with Earrings
c. AD 130-40 - Roman - Egypt



Rustan Hunts with the Champions
Folio from a manuscript of
Shahnama by Firdawsi
Iran - Shiraz 1561-62

Japanese Calligraphy
"Marks of Enlightenment, 
Traces of Devotion"
Temporary Exibition
Arthur M. Sackler Museum
December 23, 2004 - April 17, 2005

Buddha Sakyamuni
China - late 6th Century

Standing Bodhisattva 
China, Sui Dynasty,  581 - 618

Uma, Consort of Siva
Cambodia, late 7th - early 8th Century 

Ritual Wine Vessel (Kuang)  China - Bronze
Late Shang Dynasty 14th - 12 th C. BC






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