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Even if time has gone by, the memories of our visit to Finland in May 2002 are still with us. We were warmly welcomed and hosted by the students and teachers of Porkkalan Lukio of Kirkkonummi, Finland. We all worked hard on the Comenius project financed by the European Community, but it was also an opportunity to get to know a beautiful country and its wonderful people, to make new friends and - last but not least - to have a lot of fun!  
With these photographs we would like to send our love and appreciation to all the Finnish friends who worked so hard to make our stay unforgettable; the Headmaster Mr Markku Multanen, the teachers Leena Konttinen, Tuovi Ruokolainen, Kati Lindroos, Marita Arminen, Tuomo Pesonen, Satu Jämsä, Kirsi Pajari and all their collegues, always very welcoming and ready for a chat.  
And of course, we remember fondly and thank the girls and boys and their families who hosted us: Anne, Jonne, Ville, Mia, Carl, Tuuli, Annika, Taru, Anne, Heli, Noora, Joni, Henri, Iira, Henrik, Helinä, Teemu, Pipsa, Riku, Maria. 


Click on the photographs to enlarge them     © Nicoletta Galante 2002 


Helsinki from Eteläsatama (South Harbour)

The Ortodox Cathedral of Uspenski

Helsinki. Angel Cathedral 
from Senate Square. 
In the middle the statue of Alexander II 

Eteläsatama (South Harbour)

Helsinki, the Parliament

Monday 6th May: first day of school!

... and a welcome party

Tuesday 7th May: after a lesson of 
Finnish language, we visited 
the Lutheran Church of Kirkkonummi

Wednesday 8th May: even in Finland, it's impossible to escape from our 
usual maths lesson... but 
the classroom is so nice! 

Wednesday 8th May: 
at the youth camp in Nedergârd, 
on the Baltic Sea


Treasure hunt in Nedergârd: 
to win you need to be quick and 
clever, and especially to understand 
those instructions (written in English)

Barbecue in the forest in Nedergârd

Who wants a sausage?

And after dinner? Sauna, of course!

And after the sauna? Straight 
into the chilly waters of the sea - 
like real Finnish girls

At the sea, all together.

A photograph with the ... "tour leader"

Look at this teachers' room ... armchairs, coffee machine, 
fridge, microwave, 
even a dishwasher!

At the school canteen we can try Finnish specialities.

A wedding at the Cathedral of Turku, 
ancient capital of Finland 

Turku castle 
(13th - 16th century)

Turku Castle. 
seen from the courtyard

A quiet corner of Suomenlinna, 
fortified island off Helsinki harbour

A sunny day
in Suomenlinna

And the target is...

Tuesday 14th May: the headmaster 
Mr Markku Multanen and the teachers
 Tuovi Ruokolainen and Ettore Menegon
 at the nature reserve of Karkali, 
on the lake Lohja.


Picnic in Karkali

Thursday 16th May: 
the teachers Leena Konttinen and 
Ettore Menegon brave the waves 
and gales of the Baltic sea,
 together with their students


.. and here are the brave students


But for our next cruise we 
will choose a warmer place!

A teacher's life...

The teachers Leena Konttinen, 
Tuovi Ruokolainen and Nicoletta Galante 
take a short rest in a 
sheltered bay 

Friday 17th May: 
the adventure is getting to 
its conclusion:
 goodbye party in Mariefred 


Photographs by © Nicoletta Galante 2002


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